StarMaker 2021, Song Party version 7.9.0.

What’s new in StarMaker in 2021

With this new version, 7.9.0. you can:
Add a friends list
Add a family page.
Send presents.

StarMaker, formerly called “The Voice”, is a very fun application with which you can transform your devices into a portable Karaoke, currently it offers some very competitive features, one modality for example, allows you to duel with other users with the right to equal the ranking of best singers of each song.

It is a recommended application to have a good time and make yourself known if you sing moderately well.

You can record your performance in audio and video and share them on social networks, the music catalog is very extensive, there are hundreds of musical hits, which are constantly updated and best of all, it is free.

StarMaker 2021, Song Party version 7.9.0.
StarMaker 2021, Song Party version 7.9.0.

It is available for iOS and Android, and you can share your recordings by Facebook, Twitter or email! Start with a free song and get more every time you sing or subscribe to get unlimited access to all songs!.

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How to use StarMaker

If you want to download it for your pc, in your favorite browser chrome, firefox, internet explorer, mozilla, opera, etc, write the address of “play store”, once inside look for the applications section and there you write StarMaker.

If you want to download it from your phone, you just have to go to “play store”, once inside you write StarMaker and you give it download.

Once downloaded you open the application. Press the “OK” button.

StarMaker 2021, Song Party version 7.9.0.
StarMaker 2021, Song Party version 7.9.0.

At startup, three buttons appear

  • Start: Click on the first song in which you are going to learn how to use the application and modulate the voice.
  • Contest: A list of contests in which we can participate will appear.
  • Battle: You will compete against another player by performing a specific song.

To sing a song we must click on its credits. As long as you have enough coins to buy it, you can get it. Singing well you will get more coins, so you should pay close attention and do the best you can. In any case if you are not in tune, the application gives you tips to improve your voice.

We will have to sing to the beat and perfectly modulate the voice to try to get the highest possible score.

During the recording you can activate options such as “AUTO TUNE”, “MAGIC TUNE”, deactivate both, pause and lower the volume of the singer’s voice, this is important if later you want to hear the song sung by you only.

All this is available at the bottom of the screen.

When you finish singing, a summary will appear with the score, the coins you won, your recording and the sharing options.

To have a better experience in this app, I recommend that you register on the platform. You can do it through Facebook or by email.

StarMaker 2021, Song Party version 7.9.0.
StarMaker 2021, Song Party version 7.9.0.

This application is adding new songs all the time, and they take your opinion into account, in fact if you want to suggest a song, you can use the “Request a song” function in the application, which can be found in Profile Settings Request a song .

You can also go to their official website https: // and upload your favorite songs.

Anyway, Star Maker is a wonderful application for those who have the soul of a singer or want to know how you will hear yourself sing the song that you like the most, and not only for this, you can also download it to:

  • Take out the artist that you have inside.
  • Improve your voice.
  • Hear your friends sing.
  • Let people appreciate your talent.
  • Get followers.
  • Meet people who also like music.
  • And you can sing with people from different parts of the world.

If you have notions of singing, it helps you to improve, if not, you entertain yourself.

And you earn money through gifts; The gifts are accumulated as points, those points give you diamonds and the diamonds can be exchanged for money. 500 diamonds are equivalent to one dollar, when you collect 50 dollars you can collect through paypal.

Pearls are a less valuable type of gift.

The gifts you get by singing in a party room, doing live shows, publishing songs, the gifts depend on people giving you the gifts that accumulate.

You can join in collaborations, pick up a freestyle instrument, play the instrument, and sing whatever you want.

The application is really great because you can sing as a soloist, duet, in a group and there is a lot of variety in the sound effects. the best thing is its collaboration mode with video call, which allows you to sing remotely with your friends.

Level 40 can lead you to be part of a family.
The last recommendation is that when you record the song you should use headphones for a better experience.

Please help us spread this information to the largest number of people. All you have to do is click on one of the buttons above. We thank you in advance for your great help.


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