How to have two active WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile (Android and iPhone) 2021

How to have two active WhatsApp accounts. We all think that a dual SIM mobile would be the solution to having two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile, but no. We are very wrong, so we have decided to solve this problem and learn to have two WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile.

Throughout this tutorial we are going to have two WhatsApp accounts on a single device, either Android or iPhone. There are many methods, but we are going to focus on the legal ones and the most effective methods that we have tested.

How to have two active WhatsApp accounts

WhatsApp, natively, does not allow you to use two accounts on the same device, not even if it is dual SIM. Other applications do, but WhatsApp is not configured to share space with itself on the same terminal. eye! “With herself”, there is a trick.

We already warn that if our mobile is an iPhone, there is only one way to do it and that is also the official way that WhatsApp offers. So without further ado, we begin.

So you can have two WhatsApp accounts on your iPhone

A few lines above we have commented that there was a trick for WhatsApp to let us have two accounts on the same mobile. Well, this trick works for both Android and iPhone. What’s more, it is the only viable way to achieve it on the Apple mobile.

How to have two active WhatsApp accounts ios
How to have two active WhatsApp accounts

If we enjoy an iPhone and we want to have two WhatsApp accounts on our mobile, we just have to follow these brief instructions:

  1. We download WhatsApp Business on our mobile from the Play Store or the App Store.
  2. We configure the account and add a different number than the one we use in the usual WhatsApp.
  3. It will be a business account, so our contacts will know that we are writing to them from WhatsApp Business as they will be informed of it.
How to have two active WhatsApp accounts 2021
How to have two active WhatsApp accounts 1

Clone WhatsApp to have two accounts on one mobile

This method only works for Android, we have tested it on our iPhone 12 and we have not succeeded. To clone the WhatsApp app we have to use the option that many Android phones come standard. It depends on the manufacturer and the customization layer, the name of the function varies.

For example, in our Huawei mobile, the option is called Twin App. In other devices it has other names, for example, in OnePlus it is Parallel Apps, in Xiaomi it is Dual Apps, Realme it is Clone Apps, in Live it is called App Clone and in Samsung it is Dual Messenger.

We do the following steps with a Huawei device with Google services. The steps may change from one terminal to another:

  1. In the settings, we look for cloning apps, twin app, or the name we have given in the previous paragraph.
  2. Upon entering we see that there will be several applications that support this function and among them is WhatsApp.
  3. We activate the WhatsApp box and the twin app is created.
How to have two active WhatsApp accounts android
How to have two active WhatsApp accounts 2
  • In a matter of seconds we have another WhatsApp app on our desktop.
  • We enter and add our phone number (not the same as in the usual WhatsApp account).
  • We download the backup copy, if any, and we start enjoying the messaging app.

If our mobile does not come standard with these types of functions, we can choose to download a third-party app that allows us to clone WhatsApp and thus have two accounts on the same mobile.

Unofficial WhatsApp apps

The app stores are full of fake WhatsApp apps. Applications that promise to give functions that the official does not have, and that you hardly see the intentions that it will have them, such as, for example, personalizing the chats, the color of the application itself, different emoticons, sending large files, etc. .

These types of fake applications can affect our privacy. In addition, not only that, but WhatsApp is fighting against them and is eliminating them, so it is likely that one day we will not be able to access our chats because they have blocked or banned us. I mean, we have lost everything.

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