How to Add a Signature in Outlook in 2021 Update Version

Learn how to add a signature in Outlook after creating your own custom signature. This guide will teach you how to create and add your own personal email signature.

How to add a signature in Outlook

Your email is personal

In the past, before social media and texting, emails were the main source of communication online. If you want to send someone a message, be it personal or professional, email is the way to go. If there was a serious message that you needed to address to your boss, you would send an express mail. On the other hand, if you liked someone and you wanted to connect with them virtually, then you could use the same method.

In general, email was one of the first waves of online communication, if not the first. Even to this day, email is still the most important method of communication online. Although social media has undergone a huge wave of modernization, not everyone likes to use it. Therefore, email will forever remain the ultimate way of communicating with other people over the Internet.

How Add a Signature in Outlook
How to Add a Signature in Outlook

In that sense, it was beneficial for you to have your own personal insignia or signature to differentiate yourself. Likewise, if you owned an email, this was an alternative to having a business card. In this way, everyone who received your messages would know your company and the contact information.

Benefits of an email signature

There are many benefits to adding a signature to your email. Whether you’re a regular man (or woman), a professional SEO, or a business partner, there are uses for signatures. Let’s go over why you need an email signature.

On the one hand, a signature is an infallible method to transmit your business and contact information to another. For example, if you are a business owner and you want others to receive your business card. For one thing, many people would rather not carry a lot of business cards to fill their wallet or inventory. You may not be in direct contact with the people you want to send your information to. Therefore, a signature can be used to link all your professional information and contacts.

Another reason would be to personalize your own messages. For example, if you use email frequently and want to differentiate yourself from other spam. Anyone who sees your signature will at least understand that you are not a random bot trying to spam them. You can also add some fun or creative signatures to bring a smile to your recipients.

How to Add a Signature in Outlook 2021
How to Add a Signature in Outlook 1

There are many other situations in which a signature would be appropriate. And with all of them waiting to be discovered, what’s stopping you from using one in Outlook? Well nothing, now that we have this guide to explain how to add signature in Outlook emails. We have listed the necessary steps in the next section of the article. Read on if you want to know exactly how this is done.

How to add a signature in Outlook emails

Fortunately, you will be able to create more than one custom signature for your own emails and messages. In addition, you can add a large amount of content to these, including text, a personal signature, images, a logo and your electronic business card. In addition, you can also configure your Outlook account so that your signature is automatically attached to your email messages.

Method to add a signature to Outlook emails

  1. You will need to open a new email message. Don’t worry, you won’t necessarily have to send it to someone. Creating an email draft will suffice.
  2. Then go to Message here, you can select Signature and then Signatures.
    Note: Depending on the actual size of your window, as well as whether it is a new email or reply / forward message, the menu may differ. This is not a problem, as the Message and Signature menus will still be easy to locate in this case.
How to Add a Signature Outlook
How to Add a Signature in Outlook 2
  • Once you’ve figured out these first two steps, head over to Select signature to edit. Below here, select the option labeled New, followed by writing the name of your signature in the New Signature
  • Now, you should go to Edit signature. Below here, you will be able to compose your complete signature the way you want. There are a ton of different editing options such as fonts, colors, alignments, and sizes. In addition, you can also add various bullets, tables, borders, and many other types of formats. We recommend using Microsoft Word to customize and create your own personal design, then copy and paste your results into the Edit Signature box.

On another note, you can also use one of the various pre-designed templates available to create a basic signature for yourself. These can be downloaded into Word and then copied and pasted into the Edit Signature box as appropriate.

How to Add a Signature
How to Add a Signature in Outlook 3

Additional notes

  • You can add multiple links to your own signature, then change the fonts and colors using the mini formatting tool.
  • Plus, you can add all your relevant social media links and icons or create a custom one using predesigned templates.
  • Images can also be added to your signature at any time.
  • You can configure different options for your signature in Choose default signature Here you can select between the following:
  1. In the drop-down box, Email account, you can choose the email account that you want to associate with the current signature you created. This way, you can have multiple signatures for different emails.
  2. On the other hand, you can also choose a signature that will be used in all your new messages by default. Do this by going to the New Messages drop-down box. Select one of your firms. However, if you don’t want a signature to be automatically linked to your posts, you can select (none) as your option.
  3. Lastly, you can also link your signature to replies and forwards. Do this by going to the drop-down box labeled Replies / Forwards. Then select the signature you want to use. Otherwise, you can select (none) as the default.
  4. Once you are done, you can select OK. This will save your signature and allow you to return to your original message. Outlook will not automatically add this signature to your original message used in the first step. Instead, you will need to manually add your signature the first time for it to be set as the default. To do this, go to Signature under Message and then simply select the signature you just created.


And that’s all you need to know for now on how to add a signature to Outlook email accounts. We hope you enjoy all the different options and applications that can be used with these signatures. Remember, emails have been around for decades and will continue to exist. So, always make sure to keep your own custom and personalized to make you stand out.

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