Homescapes, Strategies to Play in 2021

Homescapes, Strategies to Play in 2021
Homescapes, Strategies to Play in 2021

The latest from Homescapes 2021:

• Get romantic decorations for the garden!
• Get all the decorations to get the Eiffel Tower

• Create a study in an old clock tower!
• Get an exclusive profile picture!

• Farm season! Beat levels and win prizes. Get a pig with the gold ticket!

Homescapes, Strategies to Play in 2021
Homescapes, Strategies to Play in 2021

Homescapes, Strategies to Play in 2021. Homescapes is one of the newer games that GardenScapes has released for mobile phones. It is available for both Android and iOS. In the time that the game has been available, it has already conquered users around the world.

In Homescapes we find a fairly casual game in which players have the main objective of helping the protagonist, the butler Austin, to rebuild his old house. As you might imagine, we will have to help you in the whole process, from restoring the walls and ceilings, changing the carpets, designing the interiors, buying new furniture, etc., everything that a complete restoration needs.

The Homescapes mechanic is quite simple and you shouldn’t get confused at any time. We will need to collect stars to be able to remodel the house, and to get these stars, it will be necessary to overcome different minigames where we have to connect three identical elements, in the pure style of other games such as Bejeweled. When three or more equal elements are connected, we can create some power ups that allow us to earn more points.

If the game is to your liking, you will be happy to know that it has more than 100 levels available and a lot of content to rebuild the house. We will also get to know new characters and unlock a lot of content, something that gives the game a certain replay value.

The game, although it may not seem like it, also has a story that we will follow as we go through levels.

Given the interest generated by this game, many guides have been emerging with strategies, tricks and tips so that we can advance more quickly and play better in it. Here I am going to leave you with some of the best tips and tricks to use in Homescapes, so that you can better master the game.

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Homescapes, Strategies to Play in 2021

How to get unlimited lives in Homescapes

In the game we find lives, which have a limit. Due to it, every time we fail a puzzle we will lose lives in the popular game. This is why many users are looking for ways to get unlimited lives in Homescapes. Is it really possible?

There have been some hacks that seem to work, although not all users benefit from them. Therefore, here I show you the way in which it would be possible to obtain unlimited lives in the game for Android and iOS. This method should work on both operating systems.

The truth is that the way to obtain unlimited lives in the game is something very simple. What we have to do is change the date and time of our device, either Android or iOS. In this case it is necessary to advance the current date. Therefore, if today is February 4, you can put February 5 on the phone as the current date.

Advancing the time a few minutes is valid. There are users who have not advanced or changed time, and have also obtained these infinite lives, so it is not something strictly necessary to carry out. But it might help.

Once we have changed this date and time, we first close the game, and then we re-enter it, to start it completely again. By doing this, once inside it, we should already have infinite lives.

There are cases where it doesn’t work the first time. One of the causes is usually the date chosen and by when you have changed it. So instead of using the next day, we can use another date like a week or two later. In this way, when we enter Homescapes again, these additional lives will come out.

An important aspect is to return to the current time and date on the phone. It may be convenient to wait a bit to do it, not to do it immediately after seeing that we have the lives. Since there have been cases in which the hours in the application have become negative. So this is something to avoid.

Homescapes, Strategies to Play in 2021
Homescapes, Strategies to Play in 2021

Get bombs

We can get bombs in Homescapes, but for this we are going to have to break from 4 tiles in the puzzles. In order to do this, we have different types of movements. Thanks to them we will be able to get the bombs or explosions in the game. Here are some types of movements you can do:

  • Rainbow ball: This is a combination of five in a row. Convert random tiles of the puzzle into the tile you have changed it for so you can break them all.
  • Bomb: Combination of five, break an area of ??2 squares around them
  • Rocket: A combination of 4 in a row. Thanks to this we break a whole row, either vertical or horizontal after pressing twice.
  • Paper plane: Combination of four in a square. We break the boxes above, below left and right, as well as another random one in the puzzle.

The best thing is to try to chain explosions in the game, since in this way they will activate each other and we will be able to break many more pieces with one movement. So we will advance more quickly in the game.


Another essential part in Homescapes are the power-ups. Thanks to them we will be able to eliminate a greater number of elements of the game at the same time. In addition, we can combine the effects of the enhancers, so that the effect they will have is much greater. We have many possible combinations in this regard.

The best way to see the results they give us is to experiment, since that way we will see if there is one that works especially well for us and we want to use it again. Many may be wondering how we have to obtain the enhancers, but the reality is that this is something very simple.

In Homescapes we are going to get the enhancers throughout the game. We have to go overcoming the levels in the game, since in the rewards that they give us for overcoming a level there are usually power-ups as part of it. So we have to play in the best possible way to get these rewards.

Homescapes, Strategies to Play in 2021
Homescapes, Strategies to Play in 2021

When to use power-ups

Although the combinations are many, the moment in which to use the power-ups is something of great importance. Since in this way we are going to get much more out of them and cause them to have the desired effect. There are two key moments in which we can make use of them.

Starting point: Placing the explosives before starting the puzzle is a good way to advance more quickly. Although this is something that is better to do in those puzzles that we already know. Because in the new ones we can go wrong and suppose that we have wasted an enhancer, or more.
During the game: There are some power-ups that we can use at any time, so if they can help us to obtain and pass that level, then we should not hesitate to use them. But only if they are really going to help us, otherwise, it is a way of wasting them.


The use of coins in Homescapes can be for several things. With them we will be able to improve the furniture or decorations of the mansion, but also to buy lives, extra movements or boosters. So there is a lot we can do with them. Therefore, it is important to use them wisely.

It is best to use the coins to buy boosters. Since it is something that will be useful to us in the game, and it will allow us to advance in some parts more quickly. Buying extra moves is not recommended, unless you are having trouble advancing a level. If not, it is useless.

It is the same with the purchase of lives. We should never spend coins to buy lives, because lives can be obtained for free in the game. So we don’t need to spend them on this and we can use them on things like boosters that will help us a lot in the development of the game.

How to get coins

We have several ways to get coins in Homescapes. When completing a level, we will always receive coins in the game. We usually win 50 coins, although there may be more depending on the movements that we have left over. But beating levels is not the only way to obtain them.

  • Chores.-Completing Austin’s tasks is not something that has direct rewards. But, after finishing some specific tasks, they take us to an event where they are going to give us coins. A message usually comes out of one of the Homescapes characters when this happens. So we simply have to open it. In these cases, they usually give us 500 or more coins, a significant reward.
  • Videos.-Another way to get coins in Homescapes is to watch advertising videos. For each video we watch, we will get 100 coins, so this is a good reward. Although the number of videos available is not the widest. So it is not a form that we are going to make much use of. But if it is available, feel free to do so. It is an easy way to earn coins.
Homescapes, Strategies to Play in 2021
Homescapes, Strategies to Play in 2021

Special objectives

When we level up within Homescapes, things will get more complicated. We are going to encounter obstacles in the game:

Lawn: By combining tiles inside the lawn with those inside we can fulfill the first special objective, which is the lawn.
Chains: Those pieces that are chained cannot be moved. To break the chains we have to use bombs or explosives, in addition to making lines with tiles that do not have chains.

Homescapes is the fun game that will catch you and with the tricks that we show you here, you can advance quickly, until (as in the video) you can complete it.

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