How to Take Advantage of Google Meet, the App that Competes with Zoom 2021

Google Meet, the App that Competes with Zoom 2021 has many functions available that improve your experience when making video calls, and it is a platform that allows online meetings for up to 100 participants with a maximum duration of 24 hours

In the midst of quarantine, companies and individuals are increasingly using virtual services to connect with people despite distance.

To facilitate this approach and improve the user experience, several applications have been launched on the market that significantly increased their number of downloads due to social distancing measures.

This is the case of Google Meet, a free service for videoconferencing
which is included within the Google product suite.

The platform, which has a fast interface, allows online meetings for up to 100 participants and, until September 30 of this year, it can be held for 24 hours.

This Google service, originally reserved for companies with G-Suite, is the perfect complement to meet at a distance easily. Since May 2020 it began to be delivered free of charge to any user with a Gmail account.

Among the features of Google Meet, it is possible to join video calls with a simple link or via cell phone (iOS and Android) with the push of a button; and encrypted audio and video streams for those concerned about their privacy.

In April 2020, it also incorporated mosaic design with a maximum of 16 participants, among other characteristics.

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Here are some tips to get the most out of the features it offers.

Change the screen layout during a meeting

The platform automatically changes the layout based on the content while making a video call.

To change the screen layout when joining a meeting, go to the bottom right corner of the Meet screen and click “More”. Then choose “Change design” and select the option that best suits your needs.

You can choose one of these possibilities: Sidebar, Spotlight, and Tile.

1 choose "Change design"
5 Como Aprovechar Google Meet, la App que le Compite a Zoom 2021 1

Set, mute, or remove participants in a video call

First of all, to pin a participant on the main screen, go to the “People” panel in which all attendees appear, select the user’s thumbnail and click the icon displayed to pin the image.

On the other hand, and if necessary, the creator of the video call can expel a participant from the meeting if they so wish.

You just have to hover over the person you want to remove, then slide the icon menu to “Set”,”Mute” and “Remove”, click “Remove”.

Finally, if you hear some background noise and you want to mute a meeting attendee, hover over the volume icon next to the participant’s thumbnail and click “Mute”.

It should be noted that only the person whose microphone is turned off can reactivate it.

3 select the icon to set, mute or remove.
How to Take Advantage of Google Meet, the App that Competes with Zoom 2021

Show content during a video call

Users have the ability to share their full screen, a certain window or a Google tab to display presentations, documents and other content.

In the lower right part of your screen you can find the “Show screen” button and select the option that suits your needs.

The platform allows you to display content from your device to share it
How to Take Advantage of Google Meet, the App that Competes with Zoom 2021

Use subtitles in a video call

This function is very useful to allow a conversation to appear in writing on the screen. However, it is important to note that it is only available in English.

To activate it, go to the bottom right of the Meet window, select the three dots and click on the option “Activate subtitles”. To deactivate them, repeat the same procedure.

4 select the three points
How to Take Advantage of Google Meet, the App that Competes with Zoom 2021

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