CapCup, Video Editor 2021

CapCup, Video Editor 2021. CapCup is an application to edit videos on Android and iPhone mobile devices, very easy to use and free, it has several functionalities that will allow you to make movies full of transition effects, filters, texts, audio tracks and other elements for users looking for a creative result.

The final clip can be saved to the smartphone or shared via social media without a watermark.

In your preferred browser chrome, firefox, internet explorer, mozilla, opera, etc, write the address of “play store”, once inside look for the applications section and there you write CapCup.

You download it and open the application. Press the “OK” button and then touch the “+” icon to start a new project.

CapCup, Video Editor 2021
CapCup, Video Editor 2021

CapCup Video Editor 2021

Select the files (video and / or photo) that you want to include in the final clip and press the “Add” button. Then tap anywhere on the screen to make the Cap Cut editor’s yellow comment box disappear.

To cut the beginning of the video, touch the white border at the beginning and drag it to the right to the desired moment. To cut the end of the video, drag the white border from the end to the left.

To include text in the video, place the marker where you want the writing to appear and tap the “Text” button. Then tap “Add text”.

Enter the desired text in the highlighted field. You can drag the box with the text to reposition and rotate it. Touch the “Style”, “Effects”, “Balloon” and “Animation” tabs to change the font, color, fill, borders, insert labels, and more. When you find the desired effect, tap the check icon to save the text and return to the main editor screen.

Drag the edges of the text bar along the video line to define how long it will appear on the screen. To apply effects to the video, tap the outer area to deselect the text field and then enter “Effects.”
Browse the tabs to discover the effects available in the video editing app. Tap an effect and then tap the check mark to insert it. Then, drag its edges to match where in the clip you want it to appear.

Deselect the effect to return to the main toolbar. Tap “Filters” and then browse through the available filters. Tap the squares to select one and check the check icon to apply.

Drag the filter box to choose its duration throughout the video. Touch the arrows on the left to return to the main screen, with the full toolbar. If you want to separate the video in two (or more), select the video bar, place the marker where you want the cut to be made and press “Divide”.

Now, with two videos, you can apply a transition effect between one and the other. To do this, tap on the white square in the middle of the clips and then choose your preferred transition. In the “Duration” slider, define how many seconds the effect will take.

Touch the verification icon to confirm and return to the main screen.
To add music, tap on the “Add Audio” bar. Select one of the categories: sounds, effects, excerpts, or voice-over.

For example select the “Sounds” tab and then choose the “Rhythm” category. When opening the screen, touch the download icon to listen to the music. The button will turn into a “+”, which you must press for the track to be added to the video. Then drag the audio bar to snap it to the clip at the desired time.

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Go to the “Adjust” tab to make changes to the image in aspects such as brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure.

Touch “Brightness” and drag the bar to the right or left as needed to improve the image. Then tap “Contrast” and repeat the procedure. Do the same with the saturation, exposure, and other settings available in CapCut. At the end, touch mark to apply them.

By default, an application logo clip appears at the end of videos created with CapCut. If you want to delete it, select the “Close” clip and tap “Delete”.

You can also change the image that will be displayed as the cover of the video. Go to the top of the video bar and enter “Cover.” Place the marker on the second you want it to be displayed on the highlighted image and hit the “Save” button.
To save the video to your phone, tap the arrow button, located in the upper right corner, choose the resolution and frame rate, and press “Export.”

Wait while CapCut exports the video without closing the app or locking the smartphone screen. At the end, press “Done” to return to the application project screen or take the opportunity to share the video on social networks.

If you want to do the flash effect, first you must have the video already trimmed, then you select the overlay option, choose a white photo and enlarge it to the size of the video and crop it; then you click on splice which is only in the overlay option then you give animation, out and fade out so that it fades at the end.

Finally you copy and paste it in the parts you want that effect and it looks great, try it.

If you want to make a blur effect look for Effects, basic, Blurry focus.

One more tip: you can download the videos to make the edit from YouTube, if it is of a character in a series or whatever, you put for example “Academy Umbrella” and in the search filter you give “HD”, you upload all the quality and you record screen or download the video.

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