Aurora Store: Alternative to Google’s Play Store in 2021

Aurora Store: alternative to Google’s Play Store in 2021. One of the most positive aspects of having the Android operating system is that it allows you to find easy solutions for various limitations. One of them, of course, is the unavailability of the official Play Store on some smartphone models. On this occasion, we will tell you about Aurora Store, one of the most striking alternatives to download apps.

Aurora Store is a complete application store whose main benefit is to allow us to download apps from the same Google Play sources, but without restrictions of any kind, even if they are geographical.

Perhaps the best thing about the Aurora Store is that it is not a repository of old or random versions. The platform offers the same versions of games and applications that we can find in the official Android store.

Now, it seems that the best for Aurora is yet to come, as its fourth major update (Aurora v4) will be released soon, which, among other things, promises a complete redesign of the environment that makes it even more similar to the Play Store.

Aurora v4 will have categories, application tabs and a simpler and more intuitive navigation style. A progress bar will also be displayed to provide the downloads with more information for the user.

Aurora v4 provides reviews, user ratings, and even information on trackers to help you understand what data the apps you download are using. As if that were not enough, this new update will allow you to log in with a Google account (you can use anonymous mode if you prefer).

At the moment Aurora v4 is not yet available to the general public, but a public alpha version can already be downloaded from the XDA Developers portal.

Aurora Store: Alternative to Google’s Play Store in 2021

Aurora Store: Alternative to Google's Play Store in 2021
Aurora Store: Alternative to Google’s Play Store in 2021

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How to install Aurora Store

To install Aurora Store on your device, it is as simple as downloading an APK. We can download it from various websites, some as popular as F-Droid or Android File Host.

We install the file, we give the necessary permissions (although there are not many) and we start the session with Google or as an anonymous user, Once downloaded and installed we must enter Anonymous mode, this is what its developer recommends. After this step we can enter the store and search for the applications that we want to download and update.

This store tells you which applications depend on Google, so if any of the ones you want to install has this message, it may work but not 100%. I installed the store to keep my applications updated, however, from Huawei they have indicated that the download priority for HMS devices should be: 1) App Gallery. 2) AppSeeker or Petal Search and 3) Third-party stores.

Advantages of Aurora Store
This platform adds extra details such as the ability to simulate a different device and other regions different from the one that would correspond to the Smartphone at hand, and even if it is entered with the synchronized Google account, it is feasible to download Apps and paid games purchased with You can also get details about trackers in the app, spoof your location.

Aurora Store: Alternative to Google's Play Store in 2021
Aurora Store: Alternative to Google’s Play Store in 2021

DiseƱo de Aurora Store

In terms of design, it is a very easy to use application. The applications and games are divided into categories, facilitating their search. There is a section of recommended applications and we have an integrated search engine, to make the whole process faster. In the search we can also add filters to make it more precise.

One detail to keep in mind is that there are only free applications in this store, you cannot download paid applications. Also, there are no pirated apps.

In conclusion, Aurora Store can be very useful for those who cannot use the Play Store on their Android devices, facilitating not only time when searching for each App of interest but also more security by avoiding installations from unknown sites / sources.

The latest version is Version 3.2.9 (29) suggested Added on 20-06-2020
This version requires Android 5.0 or newer.

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