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Amazon Prime Video: Benefits in 2021

Amazon Prime Video: Benefits in 2021. Amazon Prime Video is an Amazon service to watch audiovisual content, such as series and movies, in streaming and with an annual or monthly payment subscription.

Some of these services apply to, such as free shipping or exclusive access to special offers. On the other hand, Amazon Prime also gives you access to the audiovisual content platform, which is Amazon Prime Video.

In short, Amazon Prime Video is one of the exclusive services that you access by having the Amazon Prime subscription. It is a Netflix or HBO-style streaming platform, with exclusive content in series, documentary, film or program formats.

Amazon Prime Video costs

In 2017, Amazon Prime Video cost a modest 20 euros a year. Now, however, Amazon has raised its annual fee to 36 euros per year or 4.99 euros per month, if the fee is monthly. It is still a competitive price, since with Prime you have many advantages that you can use both to buy on the Amazon platform and to access audiovisual content.

To ensure that the subscription meets our expectations, a free trial period of 30 days is offered. You can easily cancel it at any time before the trial period ends and 30 days is more than enough to give you an idea of ​​the benefits you can enjoy.

Amazon prices in other countries are as follows:
United States 119 dollars equivalent to about (105 euros) per year and 13 dollars (11.5 euros) per month.
United Kingdom 79 pounds (92 euros) per year and 7.99 pounds (9.3 euros) per month.
Germany 69 euros per year or 7.99 euros per month; the same in Switzerland.
France, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland 49 euros per year and 5.99 euros per month.
In Italy, the prices are the same as in Spain.

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Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

How to watch Amazon Prime Video on other devices

To view your Amazon Prime Video content on your TV or other devices, such as Apple TV or Chromecast, you just have to do the following:

– Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV. The Amazon Prime Video app has been available for Apple TV since the beginning of December 2018. If you are a Prime subscriber, you can enjoy all the contents of the Prime Video catalog on Apple TV 4K and on previous Apple TV devices (third-party generation).

This app is also compatible with Siri, so that your assistant will search for what you want from the multiple audiovisual contents of Amazon Prime Video.

To install it, you just have to enter the App Store of your Apple TV. You can see it in the featured section or search and install it like any other app. Then, you just have to log in with your Amazon account and you can start watching your favorite content on your Apple TV.

– Amazon Prime Video and Chromecast. To view the contents of Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast, we recommend that you install the Google Home app on your mobile (or on the device where you also have your Amazon Prime Video app). In the Google Home app menu you can select the option “Send screen or audio”.

You can then select the video you want to send to the screen, in this case, your Amazon Prime Video content. You will have to leave the mobile with the screen on, otherwise the screen on your television will also turn off.

Surely you have realized that, if you open your Amazon Prime Video app, you will not have that characteristic icon to launch the image directly to your TV. As long as this is not updated, the option to launch it from the Google Home app is the best.

Amazon Prime Video Catalog

To find out if Amazon Prime Video is for you, we recommend that you take a look at its audiovisual content catalog. Although it has high-quality content, there is nothing written about the likes of series and movies. This is part of what you can find.

– Amazon Prime Video Series
The format of the series is undoubtedly one of the most demanded when we talk about audiovisual content. Series are one of the most influential factors when choosing a streaming platform.
As is also the case with other series platforms, Amazon Prime Video has series of its own and third-party production.

From Amazon’s own production series, titles such as “Goliath “, “American Gods” or “Ja’ck Ryan”, one of their latest releases, stand out. We cannot fail to recommend one of the biggest hits of Amazon Prime Video: “The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel”, a comedy set in the 50s endorsed with 2 Golden Globes (Best Series and Best Actress), 2 Critics’ Choice Awards and , neither more nor less, than 8 Emmy statuettes. Other titles you’ll find among Amazon Prime Video’s own-produced series are “Transparent”, “Homecoming”, “Mozart in the Jungle”, “Sneaky Pete”, “The Man in the High Castle” and “Hand of God”.

In the series produced by others, you will be able to find both novelties and essential classics. In this category stands out ‘The Office’, a comedy winner of 1 Golden Globe and 6 Emmy Awards. Other titles are “Vikings”, “Six Dreams”, “Parks and Recreation”, “The Walking Dead”, “Startup”, “Flesh and Bone”, “The Good Wife”, “Friday Night Lights” or “The Shield” .

The classic series deserve a prominent mention, those that we never tire of seeing and that, in some cases, even revalue over the years. With Amazon Prime Video you will be able to enjoy indispensable series such as “Seinfield” or “Marriage with Children”.

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Movies and Documentaries

This Amazon platform also includes films and documentaries.
Among his film titles, you will find insatiable classics that you simply have to have, such as “Pulp Fiction”, “The Godfather”, “Forrest Gump”, “Jurassic Park”, “How beautiful it is to live” or “Mars Attacks!”.

Among his documentaries, titles such as” Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams”, “Unseen”, “Hornet’s Nest”, “Finding Noah”, “McQueen”, “Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same”, “Bowling for Columbine”,”Vermeer: ​​Beyond Time”, and many more.

– Children’s content o n Amazon Prime Video

Because the smallest of the house also consume audiovisual content (and in what way), in Prime Video you will also find entertainment and educational content for them.

From its children’s catalog, we highlight series and films such as “Sponge Bob”, “Dora, the Explorer”, “Maya the Bee, the movie”, “Pete, the Cat”, “Kung Fu Panda” or “My Little Pony”.

The contents change year after year, in this 2021 the most popular ones continue to be: “The Boys”, “Seinfeld”, “The Office”,” The Good Doctor”,” Vikings”, “Bates Motel”, “The Man in the High Castle”, among others.

In the March 2021 premieres are Poor Rich Season 1, Rogue, A Prince in New York 2, New Order, The Mule, Unhinged, The Nest and many more.

which one is your favorite?

To cancel the Amazon Prime service, you have to contact Amazon. In this link you have the steps to follow:

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