1Password, Password Manager in 2021

1Password, Password Manager in 2021
1Password, Password Manager in 2021

In this version they improved AutoComplete for the latest version of Chrome, syncing is more resilient in the face of poor network connectivity, and 1Password is now smarter in handling conflicting item changes made on multiple devices.

1Password, Password Manager in 2021

1Password is an application to save all your passwords and it has a very good view. How many websites have you signed up for and have you ever logged in to? One of the first “rules” of passwords that encourages us to follow is not to use the same on several websites and also change them frequently. For that, you either have an elephant memory or you keep a text file on your computer and you copy, paste and change the information as you generate or modify a password. It is neither comfortable nor practical nor productive.


1Password remembers all your passwords for you and keeps them safe behind a single password that only you know.

Create unique and strong passwords for all your online accounts.
Fill in usernames and passwords on websites and apps.
Have access to your information on all your mobile devices and computers.
Share passwords securely with your family or company.
Unlock with a simple tap using Fingerprint Unlock.

What you can do with 1Password is to store both your username and passwords for hundreds of websites, credit card numbers, protected notes or annotations, data to fill out forms and generate really advanced passwords with a utility that it incorporates. 1Password will allow you to save all that sensitive information, use it between different browsers and synchronize it between several machines.

The three best things about 1Password are: the total and transparent integration with your browser, the ease of handling so much sensitive information and the convenience of entering a website with its “Go & Fill” option.

Multiple profiles or “personalities”

This is one of those details that the application has been well designed and thought about. In the same application you can maintain several different profiles to, for example, have a home profile and a work profile. This allows you to complete different forms with the different information that you may have both in one profile and in another.

1Password, Password Manager in 2021
1Password, Password Manager in 2021

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Compatible with most browsers

Another of the strengths of 1Password is that it works with the browsers that you can have on your Mac. For example, those who develop websites have to have several browsers and also be continuously logging in to different websites. 1Password is integrated into the browser in the form of a button, toolbar or contextual menu, with which you can access both its different functionalities and, of course, the information stored in your secure store.

1Password works with Firefox, Safari / Webkit, Camino, Fluid, OmniWeb, NetNewswire, among others. But it doesn’t work with Opera.

Internet passwords

It’s the backbone of the app and what it does it does very well. To save your passwords, you can create different folders, something highly recommended to minimally organize so much information, or save the different entries directly in Logins. You can create entries manually (which is not usually the norm or very comfortable) or when you browse and identify yourself (the most frequent).

When you enter a username and password on a website that 1Password has not identified, it will immediately ask you if you want to save that new login, if you want to ignore it this time or if you want it not to ask you more every time you enter there. If you decide to save that information, just give it a name and 1Password will save the url and other details.

Additionally, the application includes a tool that allows us to randomly generate new passwords following a series of criteria that we ourselves can indicate: extension, pronounceable, etc. 1Password will tell you the password strength right there.

1Password, Password Manager in 2021
1Password, Password Manager in 2021

Login from the keyboard

It is one of the features that make this application essential. They call it Go & Fill and it consists of identifying yourself on any website from the keyboard. You arrive at the access page and with a combination of keys that you specify yourself, fill in the information on the login form to access immediately. The time you invest is minimal and the operation is extremely comfortable. You can configure this option in Preferences> General> Go & Fill keyboard shortcut and put your preferred keyboard combination there.

Secure credit cards and notes

Those of us who usually buy online and also use several credit cards know how annoying it is to have to consult and especially enter the same data over and over again in all the forms that we come across. Within the Wallet option of 1Password you can save, among other things, this information.

Another option that 1Password offers is to save secure notes and it is a functionality that I personally appreciate. I really only have two notes there but the ability to password protect small texts where you can collect other sensitive information seems to me an interesting addition to the rest of the application.

1Password, Password Manager in 2021
1Password, Password Manager in 2021

Synchronization, backup and others

If you are a MobileMe user, you can synchronize your passwords between several Macs using this service. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that there is also an application for iPhone-Touch that everyone talks about very well (I have neither tried it nor have I ever seen it in action, really).

The application also offers an interesting backup option for your data, something more than recommended. In Preferences> Backup you can configure it to be done automatically, with the frequency you specify and in the folder you specify. It is these details that round out the application.

Continuous and permanent updates

If there is something that Agile cannot be accused of, it is of abandoning the development of 1Password. Not long ago they were “overdone” with updates, with up to two a week. Now they have lowered the number of updates but development is still as active as before. They launch a new beta of Safari and within a few hours you already have a new version of compatible 1Password.

1Password Business does not have a free version, but does offer a free 14-day trial. The paid version of 1Password Business is available starting at USD 3.99 / month.


There are many alternatives similar to 1Password Business in terms of key features and benefits such as OneLogin, Keeper Business, SolarWinds Passportal, LastPass for Business, Clearlogin, and more.

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